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~ Love is never old ~

  This simple statement has been the belief of Le. Rose. It captures the essence of real love that lasts forever as time passes. Time doesn't wash away the love between two. Instead, time deepens the relationship, witnessing every single bit, both sweet and bitter.

  In recognition of its belief, Le. Rose specializes in leather roses to bring an invaluable gift. Roses are the typical expression of love, affection and promise. Pitifully, real roses does not last long.  Contrarily, leather is timeless. Leather roses perfectly means "timeless love" which brings an invaluable blessing.


Our Roses never grow old

Our Love will lead a long road

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「因為特別 所以重視」


「給這世上最特別的人 送上最特別的禮物」
Your special one deserves an elegant leather rose.

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