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【彩虹玫瑰系列】Single Rose 單枝玫瑰

【彩虹玫瑰系列】Single Rose 單枝玫瑰

HK$499.00 Regular Price
HK$450.00Sale Price


  • Why Le. Rose?

    ~Our roses never grow old. Our love will lead a long road.~

    Genuine Leather

    Le. Rose presents elegant and vivid roses made of Genuine Leather. Every single rose is handmade with a unique set of skills which instill the timeless value of leather into roses.

    We bring Blessings
    Blessing has been the core value of Le. Rose. Valuing leather as timeless and roses as love, Le. Rose aims to bring the blessing "Forever Love".

    Leather Roses are going to be the best gift for your loved one! Your special one deserves an elegant and vivid leather rose that never grows old, just as your love.

  • 最特別的禮物




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