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Our Roses never grow old

Our Love will lead a long road

— 皮革玫瑰象徵歷久不衰的愛 —

「因為特別 所以重視」

  Le. Rose 相信「真愛」是永不止息的,無論多少年日歲月,皮革玫瑰會一直見證您倆之間的愛。永不凋謝的玫瑰花,是對您倆最美的祝福,亦是最有意義的信物,將您對她的愛永久保存。


  Le. Rose 致力追求皮革玫瑰的美感,採用高質素真皮及染料,以獨特的技術製作最優雅、美麗及像真的皮革玫瑰。

    "Love is never old."


  This statement has been the belief of Le. Rose and it becomes the motive for Le. Rose to specialize in leather roses. Leather Rose perfectly implies "Forever Love" as leather is timeless and rose is romantic. Leather Rose would be a perfect option as an invaluable gift which brings beautiful blessings.


  Le. Rose adopts high quality leather and dyes which contribute to high quality products. What's more, pursuing the beauty of handmade leather rose, Le. Rose owns a unique set of skills to present the most vivid and elegant leather rose.

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